Training: Linux Troubleshooting with HP Education Services Mexico

Although I can’t speak generally for all the people who attended this training with me, I’d say HP Education Services in Mexico should pay more focus on the material, exercises  and Instructor’s knowledge. This was one week of poorly design material, from my point of view troubleshooting in Linux is more complicated than just pings, traceroutes or file permissions.

If you are pursuing Linux troubleshooting skills, my main suggestion is: READ, and read and read again… there’s plenty of information everywhere. From what I’ve seen, every time you face a real problem in Linux, there’s always people who had faced some sort of the same thing as you, go get the info you need, and before proceeding to type commands, do yourself a favor, and read! the entire blog, comments, guides and after you are sure what are you doing, then go for it. It’s always good practice to have proper backups!

With that being said, happy troubleshooting!!

HP Linux Troubleshooting


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