Outbound DAHDI calls failing, “Sent deferred digit string”

This is for our main records, but if someone find this useful that will be nice.

Problem: Trying to make outbound calls fails in asterisk 1.4.X with dahdi

[Apr  6 09:07:53] DEBUG[9180] chan_dahdi.c: Dialing ‘5932050’
[Apr  6 09:07:53] DEBUG[9180] chan_dahdi.c: Deferring dialing… (res -1)
[Apr  6 09:07:53] VERBOSE[9180] logger.c:     — Called 2/5932050
[Apr  6 09:07:54] DEBUG[9180] chan_dahdi.c: Sent deferred digit string: T593205


exten => _9XXXXXXX,1,Dial(DAHDI/g0/ww${EXTEN:1})
exten => _9XXXXXXX,2,Hangup()

Look on the ‘ww’ before the phone number, that makes chan_dahdi pause for 1 second before placing the digits on the line.





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