FreePBX with Asterisk 1.6 not applying changes

Last week, while trying to upgrade Asterisk to branch 1.6 for an Electrosystems Project (I had to mention) , besides other issues I found that the last FreePBX version is not able to make the reload by default.

This is because in Asterisk 1.6 the CLI command ‘reload’ it’s missing, or it has been renamed to ‘module reload’.

So, what I did was change the file inside the FreePBX installation folder. This is what I did:

cd /var/www/html/admin/

Edit the file

Replace this line:

$astman->send_request(‘Command’, array(‘Command’=>’reload’));
For this Line:

$astman->send_request(‘Command’, array(‘Command’=>’module reload’));

And that’s it. Now the Apply changes bar is working as expected.


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